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The 100" wheelbase Supermodifieds which used to run the NCRA circuit throughout Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas have continued to race as a limited series at Fairgrounds Speedway in Oklahoma City, OK and Lawton Speedway in Lawton, OK. My love for dirt-track racing in general and these cars in particular led me to purchase my first race car in the fall of 1990. It was a 1978 Walker designed 4-bar car which was very popular and successful in this area in the 70's.  My dad had been involved in racing back in the 50's, and I had been around race cars quite a bit by that time, but it's fair to say that we were not well prepared starting out, and have had to learn a great many lessons the hard way.

Our car for the past several seasons has been a 1983 Stanton.  We now have better equipment and greater knowledge and experience than at any time in the past, and we were fortunate enough to achieve our first-ever A-Feature win on July 28, 2000 at Fairgrounds Speedway.   Fairgrounds Speedway has made the decision to switch to a sprint car frame on the quarter mile for the 2001 season.  The sprint chassis we intend to run at OKC this year is a 1989 J&J.  Lawton Speedway's stated intention to run the 100" wheelbase cars at least one more year.  They will apparently allow 4 barrel carburetors for 2001.  Our Supermodified car is still together and it's possible we may run a limited number of races there in 2001, if we can borrow a 4V carb.  We've endured many hard times over the years (including a few during the 2000 season), but I have an abiding love for this sport and I've always had faith that hard work, perseverance and commitment would eventually be rewarded.

In part, how much racing we get to do in the coming season will depend on the sort of assistance we receive. Up to this point my dad and I have been doing it mostly ourselves, but we've gone about as far as possible on our own.  Dad's knees are slowing him down quite a bit these days, and rules changes which have been implemented for the 2001 season will substantially raise the cost of competition.  The decision to move to a self-starting sprint car presents some logistical problems, but the most significant issue from a cost standpoint for 2001 is that changes to the engine rules will add a minimum of an additional $2500 to the cost of a competitive powerplant.  The minimum weight (with driver) has also been lowered from 1850 to 1500 pounds, which means we'll be forced to run all lightweight (expensive) components to get down that low, or else suffer a significant weight disadvantage.  We know that we are going to need help with the pit work as well as the financial end of the equation in order to remain competitive in the future. If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about the benefits of a racing sponsorship for your business, or if you're seriously interested in working on an open wheel race team, please E-Mail me.

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