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The Stanton car always handled well on a tacky track Trophy presentation for our first-ever A-Feature win
(They're not making trophy girls like they used to...)
2000a02.jpg (31356 bytes) 2001A01.jpg (41782 bytes)
The start of our A-Feature victory
2000X06.jpg (30342 bytes) 2000A3.jpg (33034 bytes)
We've struggled to get our dry-slick handling perfected Another shot from our win - we beat some good cars that night
2000X02.jpg (26549 bytes) 2000X04.jpg (35448 bytes)
Close quarters
2000X05.jpg (43222 bytes) 2000X01.jpg (34600 bytes)
It's going to be a dry-slick track tonight
1998x01.jpg (41021 bytes) 98car1.jpg (62709 bytes)
We really need to paint the trailer... It's hard to explain how much fun this is
97car2b.jpg (46627 bytes) WHCAR1.jpg (24837 bytes)
Ready to leave for Lawton circa 1995
95-car2.jpg (52889 bytes) Mr-first.jpg (45319 bytes)
This was the first paint scheme for the Stanton car Our first car - a 1978 Walker design  (we still have it)
Stanfram.jpg (28216 bytes)
Where did we put those darn instructions?
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