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Occupation: Information Systems Planning Specialist, Okla. Dept. of Human Services, Data Services Division 
Residence: Oklahoma City, OK
Years racing: 11
Favorite Car: 1969 Fairlane 500 Fastback (my first car)
Favorite Extinct Bands: NRBQ, CCR, The Replacements
Favorite "Experienced" Living Bands: The E-Street Band, The Rolling Stones, The Go-Go's
Favorite Newer Living Bands: The Eyeliners, The Donnas, The Groovie Ghoulies, Manda & The Marbles, The Muffs
Favorite Singers: Clyde McPhatter, Janis Joplin
Favorite Authors: D. H. Lawrence, Thomas Hardy, Vladimir Nabokov
Favorite Hobby that USED TO Get Sorely Neglected Due to Racing: Fixing up my historic (OK, old) home.
Fondest Hope: That every single race car wing in the world be melted down and turned into something useful, such as soda pop cans.
My family has always been a great source of support and inspiration to me. I'd like to thank my mom for putting up with this racing thing even though she doesn't really understand it. Most of all though, I want to thank my dad. He not only gave me my passion for racing, but he taught me - by sheer example every day of his life - what it means to be a man in this world.

Since we've been out of racing, I've been spending a lot more time listening to rock & roll and going to concerts.  All of the "Newer Living Bands" listed above are sensational - if you love rock & roll music and you're hoping to find a reason to believe that it has a future in this world of pre-fab pop sensations, you owe it to yourself to check them out.   They'll rock your socks off...

Much more music coverage at my blog site.

I'll probably be either adding a music page to this site or creating a separate, music-related site in the relatively near future. Stay tuned for further developments... 

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